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September 02, 2014



How quickly time passes...I just watched my youngest get married this summer, and wonder where the last 27 years have gone...bittersweet feelings to say the least...As I watched her preparing the morning of her wedding, I wanted to flash back in time and hold her in my arms once again, rocking her, protecting her from any and all hurts heading her way. But I know my job is to give her roots..and wings...and stand by... Her roots are grounded in Christ, and she is flying just fine. Does a momma's heart good <3 ~ Dianna

Karen Courcy

I agree!!!! what a great writing on "Time"

Thank you for linking up on my Tuesday at Ten... I know what you mean about time passing by. My oldest is 22 years old and I remember holding him when he was born. Time is a blessing and a curse :)

thank you for your writing on "Time" .. I look forward to reading more of your prompt words


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